Breast Implant Replacement or Implant Exchange is a secondary cosmetic surgical procedure aimed at replacing or removing existing breast implants. Initially, you may have chosen Breast Augmentation to enhance body shape, balance asymmetry, or restore volume either after pregnancy or weight loss. However, with time, the reasons for holding onto the same implants might change. This is where Breast Implant Exchange comes into play.

Your reasons and goals for the exchange are unique. Some might wish to change the size – opting for larger or smaller implants than their original choice. Others might want to switch from saline to silicone implants or vice versa, each offering different feels and looks. The need for an exchange can also arise from medical concerns such as capsular contracture, implant rupture, or displacement.

Breast Implant Exchange is a viable option for those who have previously undergone Breast Augmentation but are now looking to change or replace their implants.

The concept of breast enhancement has been around for decades, evolving with advancements in medical technology and surgical techniques. The initial decision to get breast implants often comes from a desire to enhance one’s figure or to regain volume lost due to ageing, weight fluctuations, or childbirth. However, as time passes, your needs and desires can change. What was once a perfect fit might no longer align with your current body image or lifestyle.

Breast Implant Replacement offers a solution. It’s not merely a corrective procedure for problematic implants but also a personal choice for those who wish to alter the size, shape, brand or type of their implants to better suit their current life stage or aesthetic goals. 

Consultant Plastic Surgeon Anthony MacQuillan performs Breast Implant Replacement procedures for his patients who wish to change their implants to align with their current desires, 

1 to 1.5 hours
Hospital Stay
Day case typically
Full Recovery
4 to 6 weeks
Final Results
Your breasts may feel different and higher than expected at first but after 6 months your implants will settle into position.