Capsular Contracture Surgery by Anthony MacQuillan

Capsular Contracture surgery may be required to rectify a complication of Breast Implant Surgery.

Breast Augmentation with Implants, like any surgery, has risks and complications. Capsular contraction is said to affect anywhere from 10% to 20% of breast implant surgery patients.

After undergoing any type of implant surgery, it is common to develop scar tissue or capsules around the implant. It is a part of the healing process, and the tissue basically acts as a barrier to isolate the foreign body, in this case, an implant.

In most cases, this scar tissue is helpful in the Breast Augmentation recovery process. It helps to keep the implant in place, ensuring natural-looking results. However, in some patients, the scar tissue capsule becomes harder than it should, causing it to contract against the implant.

When capsular contracture occurs, it can alter the aesthetics of the breasts and occasionally cause pain. According to some research, one in six patients will experience some level of capsular contracture after undergoing Breast Augmentation.

What is a Capsulectomy?

If capsular contracture occurs, Plastic Surgeon Anthony MacQuillan can perform a surgical procedure known as a Capsulectomy that will remove the implant and its casing and restore a more pleasing, natural shape to the breast.

Capsulectomy is a surgery to remove the breast implant capsule that is required when the capsule starts to become thickened, hardened and/or contracts resulting in a change in shape of the implant, visible rippling of the skin and even pain.

The procedure is performed under a general anaesthetic, with an incision that is made in the most optimal place, either through your previous incision or in a position that scars will be well hidden.

During a Capsulectomy, scar tissue will be released, and the capsule and implant removed. Most patients will then have a new implant placed in the existing pocket or a new pocket made, and the incision is then closed with incisions. Recovery and possible complications are the same as after your initial Breast Augmentation procedure. You may have a partial capsulectomy or a full capsulectomy, depending on what is required.

2 to 4 hours
Hospital Stay
Day case
Full Recovery
6 weeks
Final Results
Results depend on techniques used and complexity and it can take a year before final results are visible.