Breast Implant Revision is a surgical procedure tailored for individuals who have previously undergone Breast Enlargement/Augmentation but now seek changes due to various reasons. This operation isn’t only about replacing old implants with new ones; it’s a complex approach to addressing any dissatisfaction with the current implants or complications that might have arisen over time. The essence of this surgery lies in its ability to fine-tune, correct, or completely overhaul the appearance of breast implants to better suit the individual’s current desires or needs.

There are numerous reasons you may be considering Breast Implant Revision. For some, it’s a matter of cosmetic preference, such as wanting a different size or shape to better match their body image or lifestyle. For others, it may be due to physical discomfort or medical issues related to their existing implants, like capsular contracture, implant rupture, or displacement.

Breast Implant Revision can range from a straightforward implant exchange to a more complex procedure involving adjustments to the breast tissue or the pocket that holds the implant, sometimes accompanied by a Breast Lift. The procedure is highly individualised, taking into account your unique anatomy, your previous surgery results, and your current aesthetic goals or health concerns.

Consultant Plastic Surgeon Anthony MacQuillan performs Breast Implant Revision surgery for his patients to help them achieve the results they want.    

1 to 2 hours
Hospital Stay
Day case typically
Full Recovery
4 to 6 weeks
Final Results
Your breasts may feel different than expected at first but after 6 months your implants will settle into position.