Otoplasty reduces the amount an ear sticks out (or is prominent) by altering the structure of the ear cartilage and adjusting the angle of the ear with respect to the skull so the ear sits in a more anatomic location.

There are many ways of undertaking prominent ear correction but suture correction, favoured by Anthony, is one of the most reliable and reproducible methods available.

The aims are to symmetrise the shape of the ears, produce a natural-looking antehelical fold (the crease that is often missing in prominent ears and causes the ear to appear bowl-shaped or bat ear-shaped) and to set the ears back against the side of the head.


1.5 hours
Local or general
Hospital Stay
Day case or overnight
Full Recovery
2 weeks
Final Results
It can take 6 months to see the best results of your Otoplasty when all the swelling will have subsided.