Here’s what Sophie had to say…

“Gosh, I’ve wanted a breast reduction for YEARS on end. I can remember the various meltdowns in shop changing rooms because the bras wouldn’t fit and none of the clothes I wanted to wear would fit either. What everyone else was wearing wouldn’t fit me. I was VERY self conscious about how I looked before surgery and was very aware at the unwanted attention that I got. I dreaded wearing a bikini on holiday and literally felt like I had to hoist my boobs up. I would never dream of leaving the house without a bra on and found that all the bras I did have were so uncomfortable; they left dents in my shoulders. They also impacted on the type of exercise I did as my movement was limited. My neck was always terribly tight and I hated being around others that could wear these nice outfits. I think, for me, there was both mental and physical reasons to have surgery. I can’t quite explain in words how self-conscious I felt and how much hate I directed towards my body because of my boobs.

“So, why did I wait so long before having surgery? Again, breast reduction surgery has been a personal desire of mine for so many reasons. I think the financial factor was the thing that was holding me back. However after seeing my mum, who’d previously had the surgery with Anthony and a friend who also had the same surgery with Anthony, I couldn’t wait any longer. I decided that the financial impact (mine was paid for on a no interest credit card) was less of a reason than the positive impact of surgery. I knew what surgery would bring to me in terms of happiness, confidence and satisfaction.

“My expectations were fulfilled. I am now able to fit into smaller (normal sized clothes) to match the proportions of my body. I can now wear bikinis that don’t cost an absolute fortune, exercise more freely and be more confident with my body. I can safely say I have ticked all of those off the list now.

“My first consultation with Anthony was great. He was so thorough in terms of describing the surgery, going through any questions that I had and he gave me with the confidence that I could talk to him at any time. He also made me feel really comfortable at the consultation. Revealing a body part that you don’t really like is never an enjoyable experience. He never put any pressure on me to have the surgery and made it clear that I should do what was best for me and the decision was in my hands. I didn’t tell many people prior to the surgery as everyone has an opinion and a lot of people might judge me. Anthony on the other hand was very professional, told me what he needed to, answered my questions and emphasised that it was my choice.

After surgery

“I did struggle with sickness coming round from surgery but other than it was pretty straight forward. Everyone looked after me, everything was made clear to me and again I felt very reassured. I could get in touch at any point if I had any queries or was concerned about anything. I was obviously careful and movement was restricted for a couple of weeks but I just took the time that my body needed to recover. After 6 weeks, when I had my check up and Anthony said all normal activity could be resumed, I was so happy and started exercising again and of course treated myself to a few new outfits.

“I feel so much happier and way more confident. My breasts are so much more comfortable, I have more energy and my friends and family have noticed a huge difference in me, not just in a physical sense but from a mental perspective too. I get up earlier in the morning because I just feel so much better. I’m exercising more regularly which in turn is also having a more positive impact on my health. It sounds cheesy but I feel like a new person with a new lease of life and a whole new energy.

“It is a big decision to have surgery and change your body but if something is making you so unhappy it’s definitely worth it. My experience with Anthony as my surgeon has been second to none, I felt in safe hands and can honestly say he has changed my life for the better and for that I can’t thank him enough.”