Kate didn’t feel good about her appearance and her self-confidence was rock bottom. Her breasts had gone from pre-children full breasts to ones which drooped and felt empty. Her stomach had what felt like a permanent ‘overhang’ and her perception of herself wasn’t good.

Due to her family commitments, Kate was unable to afford much recovery time so opted to have three treatments at once; a tummy tuckbreast uplift and ear correction.

Here’s what Kate had to say…

“I didn’t feel like me anymore. I wanted ‘me’ back. Having had two emergency caesareans and breastfed for many months, I tried everything to feel good again. No amount of exercise was going to make the difference I needed.

“I’d gained a lot of weight and felt unattractive. My partner was really supportive. He said that I was lovely as I was but if my appearance was a concern to me then to go ahead and have surgery. I don’t think I’d realised how insecure I’d become.

“I met with Anthony MacQuillan three times before having the surgery. He wanted to manage my expectations and talk through each operation in detail. I loved the way he drew everything on his iPad. He showed me 3D images of my breasts and body explaining what was and was not achievable. He didn’t bamboozle me with medical jargon. I felt comfortable and relaxed.

“I wanted the fullness back in my breasts. We discussed the implications of having implants at the same time as a breast lift. My skin had stretched a lot so he advised that I should have slightly smaller implants than I’d originally thought. He’d usually prefer to do an uplift first then implants at a later date, but having two small children meant I only had a small window for recovery

“I decided to have surgery for all procedures at the same time. So I had a breast uplift, abdominoplasty and a pinnaplasty in one operation. My ears had stuck out all of my life and now was the time to change them.

“I’m delighted with the results. I didn’t expect the outcome to be as good as it has been and I hadn’t realised how much my confidence had been dented. I can go shopping and choose a tight-fitting T-shirt; it doesn’t need to be loose and baggy. I can have my hair cut in any way I’d like to as my ears no longer stick out. And most importantly I’m me again, more sociable and much happier. I don’t spend days stressing about what I’m going to wear. It’s simple when you feel good about your body.

“Anthony was amazing. He’s an exceptional plastic surgeon. I felt confident that I would be safe and that it would all go well. I’m so happy.”