Christine had two caesareans and no matter how much weight she lost or how much exercise she did, she still had the ‘apron’ of excess fat and skin around her middle. After retiring from her work in the NHS, Christine started thinking about her quality of life and this is where her journey began with a tummy tuck and breast uplift.

Here’s what Christine had to say…

“I wanted a flatter tummy, but thought ‘if I have a tummy tuck it’ll make my breasts look even larger’. Really, I wanted smaller, more natural-looking breasts and a waist which felt comfortable. I didn’t expect a washboard tummy, I just didn’t want to have to tuck the excess skin and fat in any more. And I was fed up with breasts which now hung down towards my stomach making me feel like an old lady.

“After my initial consultation with Anthony MacQuillan, I understood the facts. The thought of taking my clothes off was mortifying but he made me feel at ease. I felt I had the body of an old lady. He was very realistic and explained what could and what could not be achieved. I felt that I was in the best hands.

“The tummy tuck and breast uplift were done in one operation at the end of January. It was easier than having a hysterectomy.

“Surgery hasn’t changed my life but it has exceeded my expectations and made me really happy. I feel really well and my friends say I look well. I’ve lost 2.5 stone and gone from a size 16 to a size 12. My bra size has gone from a 36GG to a 34D and I can choose clothes which I feel good wearing.

“I feel better about myself and I am, without a doubt, healthier. When friends say, I don’t know what you’ve done but you look really well, it feels great. I feel like me again.

“Anthony’s extensive experience in nerve injury and reconstructive surgery gave me the confidence that he had the expertise needed. I made the right choice.”