Amanda loves gardening, travelling and country walks with her four dachshunds. Having married at the young age of 17 there were always other priorities and it was hard to justify spending money on herself. Although people would notice, what she termed, her ‘baggy eyelid’ they would rarely make comment and she wasn’t particularly conscious of it early in life. However, Amanda was reminded every time she looked in the mirror – she would focus on her baggy eyelid and wonder what she would look like if it were ever to be corrected.

Here’s what Amanda had to say…

“I work with a whole spectrum of people in the community from those in a nursing home to people suffering with mental health problems. My work is always face-to-face and I do some training too which I enjoy immensely. In my job we’re constantly assessing situations so you have to have your wits about you.

“It was when I was looking at the photographs of my daughter’s wedding that I finally made the decision to have eyelid surgery – it’s called blepharoplasty. I’d wanted the surgery for a long, long time but there were always other priorities financially. It was all down to cost at the time and I couldn’t justify spending money on myself. The older I got the more noticeable and baggy my eyelid became as the elasticity weakened. My husband was always very supportive and said that he never noticed my ‘lazy eye’.

“As I got tired my droopy eyelid would be more apparent. I started to become more conscious of how I looked, especially as my photograph was on my identity card for work and referenced daily. I started to question the way I was being portrayed and how other people were looking at me. I made the decision that the time had come to discuss what was possible through eyelid surgery.

“My daughter came to meet my surgeon, Anthony Macquillan, with me and was very supportive. Anthony’s a lovely man and was very honest about what was achievable from the gruesome to the best bits. I went into surgery hoping for the best result but with realistic expectations.

“Well, I wish now that I’d had it done years ago! The surgery has changed my life. I had both eyes operated on so that they would look equally good. At the age of 56 the elasticity in both eyelids was reduced.

“For two weeks following the surgery I had to take it easy with no bending or strenuous exercise. After a few days the stitches were very gently taken out by the practice nurse. The two weeks gave me the opportunity to be at home and do gentle jobs.

“Putting make-up on now is so easy. My daughter says that she can see my eye shadow and that my eyes look brighter. I’m thrilled.”