Leg Liposuction with BodyJet by Anthony MacQuillan

Leg liposuction or Thigh Liposuction stands out as a good option for those looking to refine their silhouette and enhance the shape of their legs. This procedure is subtle yet impactful and offers a tailored approach to fat reduction, targeting the stubborn areas that often resist traditional weight loss efforts.

Leg Liposuction is more than just a surgical intervention; it’s a pathway to achieving a harmonious body contour, where the goal is not only to remove unwanted fat but also to sculpt and define the legs, bringing them into better proportion with the rest of the body.

Consultant Plastic Surgeon Anthony MacQuillan performs Leg and Thigh Liposuction for his patients to help them get the body they want.    

1 to 2 hours
Local or general
Hospital Stay
Day or 1 night
Full Recovery
4 to 6 weeks
Final Results
Most patients notice a dramatic improvement by 3 to 6 months, but it can take up to a full year to see the final results.